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Developing an ORCID to Esploro Integration Application at the University of Miami

The University of Miami Libraries implemented Ex Libris Esploro as our Institutional Repository in 2021, and as part of this implementation the University of Miami (UM) started an initiative to integrate ORCID iDs for researchers across the institution. Because not everyone at UM is a researcher in Esploro, we needed a solution that could connect ORCID iDs for everyone independent of Esploro, thus we developed the “ORCID Integration Tool”, a middleware application that could handle all use cases. The app pulls ORCID data into Ex Libris Alma/Esploro via OAuth and API connectors. This poster will outline the development process we took to build this app, including the overall workflow: for example, Docker development environment, Azure pipelines, Python libraries, Flask framework, and the results of user testing that led to a revision of the interface.

Presenter(s): Charles Brown-Roberts, Eddie Prieto, University of Miami

3:30 PM
Frist Lobby