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Doing it for the Photogrammetry: 3D modeling in the classroom

This poster will provide an overview of a photogrammetry assignment developed as part of an Introduction to Digital Humanities class. This session was a partnership between Special Collections and Digital Initiatives librarians and allowed students to experiment with 3D modeling artifacts housed in special collections. Students used their phones and 3D Zephyr to photograph and process their models which were then uploaded to Sketchfab. Students received hands-on experience working with the artifacts and transferable digital skills that are part of professional cultural heritage institutions’s digital practices. Students also had the opportunity to partner with special collections collaborators such as The Byron Society of America to envision ways of making their realia collections more public-facing and accessible. This activity was part of the course’s image and archives unit and also helped make explicit themes and theories explored within the class related to close looking, the uncanny, and digital preservation.

Presenter(s): Danielle Reay and Candace Reilly, Drew University

3:30 PM
Frist Lobby