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Painting A Bigger Picture: Creating Adaptable Application Profiles based in Sinopia

LD4P’s Sinopia Linked Data Environment has become a valuable resource for creating RDA/RDF encoded metadata, but just as sinopias were precursors to fully-fledged frescoes, the Sinopia Environment is only an introduction to what is possible for linked data in library science. The University of Washington Library’s Linked Data team has been developing a workflow to create Sinopia resource templates outside of the Sinopia interface using XML and Python. The Sinopia MAPs project stores the data necessary to create these resource templates in a GitHub repository, creating a single source that can be used to produce multiple derivatives including Sinopia resource templates, human-readable HTML templates, and potentially other representations, such as DC Tabular Application Profiles in the form of CSV files. By using a workflow outside of Sinopia, property templates can be referenced and reused across multiple application profiles, meaning a single line of code can create a whole new resource template. This project is an exploration in designing platform-agnostic metadata application profiles that can be easily adapted and used to create templates in a variety of formats to support the production of resource descriptions in RDA/RDF.  

Presenter(s): Benjamin Riesenberg, Cypress Payne , University of Washington

3:30 PM
Frist Lobby