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Transfer Library Data to Linked Art

LUX (“light” from the Yale University’s Latin motto) is a multi-year project to find and connect the Yale’s Cultural Heritage Collections across Yale University Art Gallery, Yale Center for British Art, Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History and Yale University Library. LUX aggregates metadata from the catalogs of Yale’s four main collections, over 50 million records—with a single integrated search. How does Yale Library IT harmonize library data with archives and museum metadata as Linked Open Data? The poster will demo the process of converting ArchivesSpace data and ILS MARC data to Linked Art JSON_LD by implementing a flexible model in a Java Spring-based application with Postgres. The application expresses library data as Linked Art entities and exposes data through an Activity Stream. Transforming the library data at large scale into Linked Data is challenging, especially in terms of data schema design and data storage. We will share the lessons we learned from this project and also explore an alternative we are working on for data delivery to LUX.

Presenter(s): Martin Lovell, Yue Ji, Maggie Zhao, Yale University Library

3:30 PM
Frist Lobby