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Creating Visual Essays with Juncture

The proposed workshop will consist of:

1) A general overview and demo of Juncture ( Juncture is tool for digital storytelling, consisting of a set of open and free web-based services that enable non-technical users to quickly create engaging visual essays. The new version of Juncture will include web-based authoring tools in addition to the visual essay rendering engine provided in the first version. A Juncture essay includes interactive images, maps, video, and other visualizations connected to a text narrative. A Juncture essay is defined using plain text augmented with simple tags for formatting and declaring visualizations in a rendered web page. Much of the essay authoring can be performed using drag-and-drop interactions.

2) A live-coding segment in which participants are invited to create their own visual essay. The essays created will include IIIF images, interactive maps with overlays, and text-tagging to enable interactions between essay text and images/maps.

3) A walk-through of the process for setting up a personal media repository for managing and sharing IIIF images. In this segment users can follow along to create their own media repository, add some images (from phone or computer) and use images in their visual essay.

4) An overview/demo of how to configure multiple Juncture essays into a website with a custom domain

5) Using Juncture visualizations in a Wordpress site or vanilla web pages



9:00am - 12:00pm
Eastern Time
Julis Romo Rabinowitz Hall - A97