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It’s Electric! (How to boogie with a soldering iron, safely)

Do you know Python, C, and Ruby, but don’t know the difference between a transistor and a resistor? Have you ever wanted to create custom electronics for your library or be able to help patrons that want to? Has your library been looking for a way to engage in STEAM activities? Do you know the difference between a breadboard and a cutting board? We’ve got a session for you! This workshop is open to 20 people as a novice workshop with no previous knowledge required. Attendees will build a working knowledge of electricity and put it into practice by learning a tactile skill, soldering. We’ll be covering simple electronics, what is needed to design a circuit, and how to assemble and solder a simple electronic circuit board. Using Autodesk TinkerCAD circuits we will be covering basic electronics, simple circuitry, and digital breadboarding. Then we’ll also cover how circuits are turned into printed circuit boards(PCBs) using easyEDA. Both programs are free-to-use web-based programs. Finally, we will be practicing soldering by assembling a wearable printed circuit board you can wear for the rest of the conference as a physical credential of your success.



9:00am - 12:00pm
Eastern Time
Julis Romo Rabinowitz Hall - A98